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35th Anniversary Meeting of the SJSS

at the 2010 American Academy of Dermatology, Miami

Monday, 8 March 2010, 12 noon

The Van Dyke Cafe is only a couple of blocks (an easy walk) from the Convention Center. Guests are welcome students, residents, colleagues, spouses, friends, Sherlockians and young people of all ages.

Luncheon is $35 for salad/appetizer, a choice of entrees, a dessert, and a choice of coffee or tea. Wine and cocktails will be available for purchase. please RSVP with the number in your party. Payment will be due February 19, or you can send your check now ($35/person) to Robert Thomsen, MD, 495 Camino Cereza, Los Alamos, NM 87544 (rjthomsen@cybermesa.com)


The Sir James Saunders Society (Dermatologists Devoted to Detection) is named for the great dermatologist consulted by Sherlock Holmes in The Blanched Soldier. Founded in 1974, the SJSS encourages dermatologists and Sherlockians to sharpen their skills of observation and deduction. Our website contains articles, poems, quizzes and links that combine an interest in dermatology and the literature of Sherlock Holmes, the most famous detective in the world.

The first Consultant was Herman Beerman, MD (Sir James Saunders in the Baker Street Irregulars) and the first Registrar was Edgar (Ben) Smith, MD (Dr. Moore Agar in the BSI). Read more about the history of the Sir James Saunders Society and its members by clicking on the links on the left side of the page.

"The almost-legendary exploits of Sherlock Holmes have been a beacon to many over the years, but perhaps no other branch of medicine has such cause to study carefully the teachings of the master as do the members of our specialty. Each day in the clinic we refine our visual sense, honing our proficiency to observe and deduce the truth from what lies before us. Like Holmes, at times we must persist in our investigations despite the protestations of our clients, the patients, who insist that things cannot possibly be as they so obviously seem. That a vigorous Sherlockian Society is to be found in the ranks of the American Academy of Dermatology should come as no surprise."

--Marilynne McKay, Ladies of the Canon

In reviewing just a few quotes from Sherlock Holmes, it is obvious that he has much in common with the trained dermatologist:

"It is my business to know things. Perhaps I have trained myself to see what others overlook."

                       A Case of Identity

"I have made a small study of tattoo marks and have even contributed to the literature of the subject."

                       The Red-Headed League

And Holmes also shares the frustration of dermatologists who try to teach their specialty to others:

"...it has always been my habit to hide none of my methods, either from my friend Watson or from anyone who might take an intelligent interest in them."

                       The Reigate Squires

"You see, but you do not observe."

                       A Scandal in Bohemia

"I can see nothing," said I, handing it back to my friend.

"On the contrary, Watson, you can see everything. You fail, however, to reason from what you see."

                      The Boscombe Valley Mystery

 "It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts."

                       A Scandal in Bohemia

Welcome to the Sir James Saunders Society -- we hope you enjoy learning more about dermatology and Sherlock Holmes.

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