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On 5 February 2007, the SJSS gathered at the Mehak Restaurant in Washington DC. It was a bitterly cold day and the heat upstairs wasn't turned up very high, but everyone cheerfully soldiered on in coats and mufflers (Watson would have been proud). Members shared stories about Society co-founder Edgar (Ben) Smith, who passed beyond the Reichenbach shortly after the last meeting. Olive Witkin toasted Holmes, Ron Hosek toasted Watson, Rosalind Simpson toasted Irene, and Marilynne McKay toasted Sir James Saunders. Marie Louise Johnson led the group in singing a toast to Colonel Moran written by Jim Goehmann. Gerald Wachs and Mike Kaufman gave a challenging quiz on The Empty House. The winner of the Jackson Prize was Susan Perry and the LeStrade award went to Karl Kruszynski. Marilynne McKay discussed story mementos from "The Not-So-Empty House: The Ben Smith Sherlockian Collection" (with a significantly easier quiz) and Sherlockian guest Peter Blau (of The Red Circle of Washington DC) commented on Conan Doyle's travels in our nation's capitol.


Susan Perry (left), winner of the

Jackson Prize for most correct answers on

the quiz, a paperback set of all the Sherlock

Holmes stories and novels.


Karl Kruszynski, recipient of the

Lestrade Award, a DVD containing

The Empty House and The Abbey Grange,

which will be the story for 2008.

(On the right is Marie-Louise Johnson)



Marilynne McKay (standing) demonstrates tobacco

storage in a Persian slipper while guest Peter Blau

looks on. Dr McKay's topic was "The Not-So-Empty

House: The Ben Smith Sherlockian Collection."


Ken Brooks and Rosalind Simpson of

Santa Fe, New Mexico shared memories

of SJSS founder, Edgar (Ben) Smith,

who also founded Sherlockian scions

in Albuquerque and Galveston.

(Thanks to Ken for the photos)




Our 2008 luncheon will be in San Antonio, Texas during the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), which takes place Feb 1-5, 2008.

More information will be available on this website.


For more information about the Sir James Saunders Society, please contact Robert J. Thomsen, MD

work: 505-662-4351

home: 505-662-4409


or Marilynne McKay, MD



2008 - 66th San Antonio, TX February 1-5
2009 - 67th San Francisco, CA March 6-10
2010 - 68th Miami, FL February 26-March 2
2011 - 69th New Orleans, LA February 4-8
2012 - 70th San Diego, CA March 16-20

2008 Chicago July 30 - August 3
2009 Boston, MA July 29 - August 2

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